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New in CARAT 8.0

The most powerful software for the professional jewelry appraiser has become once again even better.

What�s new in release 8.0? We improved CARAT and kept it up-to-date with industry and trade research and updates. We responded to users' feedback and requests and enhanced the functionality and usability of the software. We kept up with computing technology and made sure CARAT is compatible with latest Windows and Web platforms and we also fixed a few issues. The following highlights a few of the added features delivered with this version, followed by itemized post release revisions:

Gemology: Added support for saving precious metal prices (Gold, Silver, Platinum) in the database for consistent use across appraisals and shared by the appraisers team during a certain day/period; Added support for diamonds/gems plot through importing charts created by graphical software. In fact, any photomicrographs may be imported. This will be in addition to the existing proprietary plot by numbers. A choice of preferred printing is provided; Added support for negative adjustment (devaluation) to the final value of a jewelry item; Added support for printing jewelry photos icon(s) on the muti-item summary page. Not only this provides appealing print but will also prove very important reference when identifying jewelry items, especially on large multi-item certificates;

Usability: Added support and more control over the layout of the Appraisal Certificate for date printing by allowing optional printing of each of the following: Creation, Latest updated and Expiration dates; Added support for creating custom appraisal types through customization of exiting by allowing changing appraisals title-name and enabling the creation of custom limiting conditions and other features associated with appraisal type; Added support for interim saving of your work thus allowing for uninterrupted lengthy work. In addition, providing addition options when saving the appraisal; Improved screen layout, size and display visibility by using more screen space and adding custom colors; Added support for validating the entire selection of multi-item certificate selection for consistency of appraisal type and allow specifying the appraisal type to print;

Database maintenance: Added a few, searchable fields to Client � mobile, email, other communication and incorporated into enhanced display and reports; Enhanced database access to improve performance; Added referential integrity features and incorporated all database element in the integrated schema; Provided for configuration of new items through the CARAT Customization utility program;

Graphics support: Enhanced the already extensive Appraisal Certificate printout including better management and use of space through refinements to the Spacious as well as the Condensed (paper saving) print options; Provided an option to repeat appraisal header (client name and address) on every page of the appraisal in addition to the Title page; Provide an option to incorporate additional horizontal line dividers for additional �sectionalizing� of the Appraisal Certificate; Improved support of printing the photos appendix gallery on a separate page at the end of an Appraisal Certificate; Added an option to relocate the two in-line Jewelry photos to the bottom of the Appraisal Certificate, just preceding the appraiser's signature; Added an option to print the appraiser's signature line at the bottom of the last page of the certificate and not floating immediately following the text; Added an option to print a footer section at the bottom of every page of the Appraisal Certificate; Added an option to frame photos prints with a border of configurable thickness;

More good stuff: Provided a single client export / import function at the jewelry level. This option provides for an easy copy of client appraisals in a multi-database environment and can be used for archiving and tracking of client's information without disrupting current work; Implemented a basic level work-flow control that allows bookmarking jewelry items for various statues such as Hold, Waiting for Client information, Call Client to pick up appraisal and more. This will also set up the system to be able to implement more work-flow features in future releases;

Note - support for CARAT version 6.0 is no longer available in accordance with our license policy of supporting only the latest two versions.

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