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Our software development experience ranges from data and business process analysis to custom construction and delivery of complete software systems. We provide state-of-the-art customized software development solutions for scientific and commercial clients.

  • Analysis, Assessment and Review Services: When you are in early planning stages for a project that requires software support, we will perform a thorough analysis of your requirements and develop a complete project proposal. This early-stage service will help you assess feasibility, identify and mitigate risks and realize the total complexity of your required solution.

  • Planning, Architecture and Design Services: When faced with building your system, we will help create plans for complete software solutions and technical architecture. No matter what your system is, single-user, multi-user or Web based, we will develop an architecture that supports your needs and design a cutting-edge software solution that delivers on your requirements.

  • Custom Software Development Services: We will perform detailed design, program and deliver your software solution. In close consultation with your scientists and business personnel, we will design all aspects of your custom solution including comprehensive database schema, graphical user interface, workflow and life-cycle, algorithms and modules and program interface design. We will then proceed and program your solution using industry standards including Object Oriented methods, modular design and structure programming.

  • Training, Support and Maintenance Services: Our committment to software continues throughout the entire useful life of the solution. We will provide complete documentation and train your user community as well as support personnel. We are committed to quality and we will provide updates to the software and make necessary changes and upgrades as necessary, including integration with other systems in use by your organization.

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