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We are committed to excellence. Our mission is to develop the best products, functional, appealing, easy to learn and use Products that add value to your business, save time and effort, and are affordable and up to date. The following is what our users write about CARAT:

  • Sherlene Y. Bradbury, CG: Ogdir keeps making their product better and the support provided by Israel is superb. He is patient and highly knowledgeable on the tech side. He recently took a call from me on a Saturday evening that lasted over an hour trying to undo what I had done!! I am very excited about the upgrades to 7.0 and look forward to providing a better document for my clients.

  • Salah, CG: The registration number have passed successfully. I've started to recognize the system of the program, it appeared very smart, comprehansive and easy to be understand. My work will be very much easier than ever been before. I felt that I've been given a valuable gift. Thank you very much.

  • Michelle M. Meltzer, GIA: So happy with this program!
    Thanks so much.

  • Lois Bouchard, GIA GG: I just wanted to take the time to thank you for calling last night and walking my husband through getting Carat 6 up and running. You have been a great help to us over the years and I so appreciate you being there. If it wasn't for your application, I would not be working as efficiently and as well as I am. I enjoy using Carat as it is user friendly and saves a time and produces a very professional document that all my clients are indeed happy with.

    I am ever so thankful that you are still supporting this product and making upgrades. Your prices are very reasonable and the upgrade costs are worth every penny. This product is worth its weight in Gold!

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

  • Frank N. Graziano GG: I have to say that after thirty five years in the Jewelry and Appraisal Business and using almost every Appraisal program out there, your program (CARAT 6.0) has to be the best performing, best looking, powerful and easiest to use program that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, hands down. When I first acquired your carat appraisal program I had a two hundred and fifty item appraisal to be done with photos and summary and it work with no problem. In September 2009 I was called to perform a very large Appraisal of more than 2,470 items with photos and summary pages and again Carat 6.0 performed flawlessly.

    One other thing I have to say is your ability to fix and or correct any problem that may come up within your program very quickly and you go over and beyond any technical support I have ever received from any other source! Will I continue to use Carat 6.0, Yes. Would I recommend Carat 6.0, Yes.

    Thank you Israel & Carat 6.0

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