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New in CARAT 7.0

The most powerful software for the professional jewelry appraiser has become once again even better.

What’s new in release 7.0? We improved CARAT and kept it up-to-date with industry and trade research and updates. We responded to users' feedback and requests and enhanced the functionality and usability of the software. We kept up with computing technology and made sure CARAT is compatible with latest Windows and Web platforms and we also fixed a few issues. The following highlights a few of the added features delivered with this version, followed by itemized post release revisions:

Gemology: Added support for metal types such as Palladium, Cobalt Chrome, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic as well as support for indicating Primary/Secondary when identifying composite metal; Added Diamonds Girdle attributes such as Waxy and Inscribed; Added Eco-Drive as mechanism for watches as well as added brands such as Elgin, Geneve, Gevril, Belvil; Added Specific Gravity Scale as an inspection instrument; Doubled the number of inclusion-blemishes from 20 to 40; Enhanced the support for printing Fancy colored diamond grade ("Z");

Usability: Added support for automatic inclusion of current Year/Month in certification number, eliminating the need to adjust for new year; Increased space available for specifying Manufacturing type and Trademarks (metals), Instrument name, Fluorescence (Diamonds); Added standard Jewelry type selection for common items such as pendant, slide, stick pin, tie clip, coin pendant; Enhanced Jewelry search capabilities through the Advanced Search option and included optional search by Appraiser, Jewelry Type and free-form text search on description;

Database maintenance: Improved database maintainability by providing support for a complete backup of all CARAT data and relationships including both the databases as well as related photos; This will help create an easy point-of-recovery in situations of hard drive crash;

Graphics support: Added support for automatic sizing of Jewelry photos including an option for corrections through optional image proportional stretching; Added support for production of single stone mini certificates; Added support for Salutation to include on letters to clients;

More good stuff: Provided support on every pricing screen for linking to a web site to help on-the-fly access to a web site of your choice, facilitating easier pricing; Enhanced the layout of several selection screens (Clients, Jewelry, etc.) to utilize more screen space thus providing you with more, better information; Provided an option for quick printing of an existing certificate without the need to view all appraisals details;

Update History, selected items:

October 28, 2013 - Version 7.0.6:
  • Provided printing of summary and signature line for multi item certificates when "Print Summary" was un-requested;
  • Corrected selection of print components where "Certificate" printing was not selected;
  • Corrected error in printing Bow-Tie effect, Primary Color and handling of Bulge information;
  • Enhanced certificate printing by adding optional horizontal dividing lines;
  • Changed printing value of "Z" color to "Fancy" and added customization option;
  • Enhanced Preview of certificate printing by changing the z-order value to force screen refresh;
  • Simplified and rearranged the Authorization and registration screen;
  • Enhanced support for special characters such as #, &, +, ', \;
  • Corrected handling of Printer-Runtime error 380;
  • Added optional horizontal divider line to enhance the looks of the Certificates;
  • Added Salutation field to customer data;

January 2, 2014 - Version 7.0.9:
  • Corrected Appraisal Type window to set the print options for Certificate;
  • Enhanced Appraisal Type window to remove Appraisal as default type Type;
  • Corrected printing appraiser summary/signature on Multi-item certificates when no summary list is produced:
  • Changed three setup messages to clarify the process;
  • Allowed smaller valid size for graphics print of four for all photos/diagrams and two for signature line;
  • Allowed larger margin size of six inches;
  • Changed customization terminology from Text to Data;
  • Eliminated error 91 in report program when sending the report to the printer;
  • Fixed address un-alignment when second address line is not under the first;
  • Indented the information below section header and reduce the amount of unused white-space;
  • Added one space between the appraisal Number and the Jewelry name on the summary of multi-item certificates;
  • Changed the position of Certificate number and Date/Page number to reflect the fact that Date is always the current (print) date;
  • Modified signature line (company name) to use the same attributes as Signature with higher font size;
  • Added Customization option to adjust the thickness of the Horizontal divider line between multi-item certificates and made it full page length;
  • Corrected print of wrong certificate number on a multi-item certificated when page break occurred at end of certificate;
  • Updated printing of certificate last updated date to be included next to certificate number thus eliminating extra print line;
  • Increased the size of eMail address on registration form;
  • Enhanced certificate type header print on multi-item appraisal details and summary;
  • Changed default printing status of diagrams to Do not print;
  • Added toggle effect to Type of Jewelry selection;
  • Added horizontal line to multi items to indicate end of certificate print;
  • Enhance Appraisal appearance by moving the Appraisal Number to below Customer address;
  • Refined the requirements for Girdle specification to Diamond, single stone appraisal and added an option to undo the selection;
  • Fixed registration issue where the initial company/address data was not recorded correctly in the database;
  • Made Quantity field optional for all items types and adjusted all prints and rules accordingly;
  • Corrected validation checking for required Girdle to work off the new information and not record initial data;
  • Corrected sort sequence when retrieving certificates;
  • Enhanced the display list for Jewelry search results to include the first one hundred characters and improved the dynamic capabilities of the display;
  • Corrected display of Appraisal type Multi-Item Summary replaces Appraisal type on the last page in extreme conditions;
  • Improved utilization of print spaces lines before skipping to a new page;

February 08, 2014 - Version 7.1.1:
  • Improved print process screen layout and prompts;
  • Changed requirements for Band information (watches) to optional, warning only when not provided;
  • Added "Chain" to selection of Band information (watches);
  • Added validation to Diamonds, Girdle. When marked "inscribed" then Reference must be provided. Change the label "Reference/Id" on the screen to "Inscription/Reference/Id";
  • Added Carved & Inlay to cutting methods for Gemstones including logic and graphics. Enhanced the graphics of existing faceted and cabochon;
  • Added Bead to cutting methods for Gemstones including logic, calculations (=Cabochon) and graphics;
  • Enhanced the interface for Weight definition and other screen information for gemstones by include Cut Method data in addition to stone type and shape;
  • Corrected error in storing gemstones Cut Method in the database where information was not stored correctly;
  • Added Customer Id. field to client & made it searchable and exportable (Reports.);
  • Corrected database error where jewelry item could have no shape/cut method;
  • Added an optional percent entry for "Additional costs (such as labor)" including automatic calculation when present Added various usability / interface enhancements to the jewelry details screen;
  • Added Finger-size field to metal descriptions. From 0.25 to 16 in 0.25 increments;
  • Added "Fair Market Value" Appraisal type including Limiting Conditions, Customization and report changes;
  • Added an option to Customize the label for Value of items to correspond to appraisal type. Change Customization to include a list of terms;
  • Added a configurable option to control the appearance of the numbering outline for sub items, currently showing as (1), (2) etc when more that one Diamond/Gemstone/Metal etc. is included on the certificate. Options include either no numbering at all or multiple choices such as (n), [n], {n}, #n, n. and n:;
  • Added validation to Multi-item appraisal selection to optionally, verify that all appraisals selected are of the same type;
  • Added an automatic set up of renewal period based on Appraisal Type selected and the corresponding Customization function to establish such periods;

March 02, 2014 - Version 7.1.2:
  • Corrected tabbing sequence on client screen;
  • Enhanced conditions for Girdle definitions and allow entry even for diamond quantity of more than one;
  • Corrected intermittent incorrect sort of Jewelry items;
  • Improved display of items list in all areas for better usability and clarity;

June 28, 2014 - Version 7.1.4:
  • Corrected issues involved handling of Gemstones Cut Method;
  • Make Clarity field optional for Diamonds of color Yellow ("Z");

November 15, 2014 - Version 7.1.5:
  • Special version, not for general distribution;

January 31, 2015 - Version 7.1.6:
  • Added an option to recover severely damaged Customization database ("Repair" at startup);
  • Corrected printing of Finger Size to included fractions, e.g. 7.75;
  • Added several options for sequencing listing and printing of multiple appraisals;
  • Added a selection option to print a customizable, affirmative, negative message for Tax, Local Tax and Statement of Sale. Useful for situations when a statement such as "Item was NOT sold by our business" is required;

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